Monday, April 10, 2006

Special Election in CA D-50 a Bellwether?

It could be. Although, no other race will have the same factors, especially the same comination of candidates. If Francine Busby is able to garner 50% of the vote tomorrow it shouldn't be taken as a given that every other election that is even remotely similar will follow suit. For one thing, Francine is an amazingly strong candidate who has led a long and well-organized campaign. Every contact I've had with the Busby campaign team has been impressive. The fact that Busby is ahead in the polls is because she is an effective leader and has assembled a hard working and devoted team around her. When the election date suddenly moved up with Duke's resignation, the campaign anticipated it and had the organiziation in place to utilize both local volunteers and people volunteering to help from around the state & country.

In today's Sac Bee:
And so eyes are on the 50th, a district of 600,000 residents stretching along Pacific Ocean, from La Jolla to Carlsbad, and inland to Escondido. The congressional district is suddenly a bellwether on the Iraq war, on illegal immigration, and - most of all - on the alleged "culture of corruption" in Washington.

"It is the first congressional race in 2006 and the first time voters have an opportunity to express their feelings about the direction of the country," said Busby, a school board trustee in the coastal town of Cardiff who, according to polls, is leading all candidates heading into Tuesday's special election. "And it's coming from voters who felt firsthand the effects of corruption."


"The environment is an ardent call for change," said Ramona Oliver, communications director for Emily's List, a national political action committee that benefits Democratic women who support abortion rights and that is supporting Busby's campaign. "A compelling candidate like Francine Busby can win."

Even if your Republican-majority congressional district is rocked by scandal, it still takes a candidate of Busby's caliber and long months of hard work by many to seize the opportunity.

Francine Busby for Congress!

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