Sunday, April 9, 2006

John Doolittle may be a "hysterical GOP partisan" but he's *our* hysterical GOP partisan

And, Doolittle's fast becoming famous for his ethical laspes and challenges...heckuva way to put this beautiful part of California on the map, so to speak.

This my friends, and those of you who unwittingly stumbled here thinking this blog was about REM, is what we're dealing with here in CA's 4th congressional district. John Doolittle, our representative exposes himself as a complete doofus everytime he opens his mouth or, say, writes as a guest blogger on a right-wing blog.

From Jonathan Chait's op-ed "Electoral College Dropouts" in today's LA Times:
In addition to fusty traditionalists, you've got hysterical GOP partisans. Rep. John T. Doolittle of California was sufficiently exercised to write, on the conservative blog "The left in America is nothing if not creative. Knowing that they can't beat us using existing election law, they have started a state by state effort to change the rules so their 'blue' states can unilaterally decide who will win the highest office in the land. The left-wing politicos in America know that turning the national elections into populist referendums will benefit their candidates."

I'm not taking Doolittle out of context here. This is his argument in its entirety. Doolittle seems to think that the blue states alone can impose this change. But, of course, the blue states don't have the needed 270 electoral vote majority, which is why, as Doolittle may have noticed, Republicans occupy the White House.

Or maybe Doolittle hasn't noticed. How else to explain his fear that "turning the national elections into populist referendums" will let the left sweep into power? It's almost as if he thinks the Republicans are some tiny, unpopular faction kept in power only by an undemocratic mechanism.

Cheer up, Rep. Doolittle. Your party did manage to win the popular vote in one of the last four presidential elections, after all.
Dump Doolittle also has a post about Doolittle's stint at Red State dot org.

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