Friday, April 14, 2006

Doolittle Exposed as Puppeteer

Letter in today's Sacramento Bee:

Placer conservative agenda

Re "GOP jousts in Placer contest," April 4: It is clear to anyone who follows Placer County politics, candidates Jerry Simmons, 2nd District supervisor, and Ted Gaines, 4th District Assembly candidate, are two candidates who have been strategically and financially positioned by Rep. John Doolittle.

Through the precise direction of Doolittle, these two men will wage a dishonest and hateful campaign in an effort to crush their opposition. Look what Simmons and his co-conspirator Aaron Klein accomplished as members of the Sierra Joint Community College District board? They manipulated the truth to force Sierra College President Kevin Ramirez to resign.

Don't be fooled by these conservatives. They have their own agenda and unfortunately it does nothing to benefit their constituents.

- Larry S. DuBois, Loomis

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