Sunday, April 16, 2006

Who looks worse: Doolittle or the Corporations who throw money at him?

The Washington Post has a brief item in today's paper reminding us of John Doolittle's sleazy kick back arrangement. What's different about this story is the use of a contribution by a well-known corporation as an example. In this case it's United Parcel Service.
The United Parcel Service PAC, for example, has given $15,000 to the leadership PAC and $10,000 to the campaign committee, which, in turn, means a commission of $3,750 for Julie Doolittle's company.

The Doolittles' scheme may not be illegal but it is certainly unethical. Why would corporations continue to participate in such a scheme now that it has been exposed? Probably because they never expected their contributions to be exposed for one thing. And, the other reason is belief that the gains from paying off of a high ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee still provide more benefits than negatives.

This is where we, the public come into play. The DoJ may not be able to prosecute the Doolittles for the set up of this scheme alone, but we can publically challenge/question those corporations who are knowingly making deposits into the Doolittles' personal checking account.

So, UPS...what gives?

Write to UPS at:
UPS Corporate Headquarters
55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta , GA 30328
United States

Submit general questions to UPS: here.

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