Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quotable - gratitude

Gratitude is always a matter of paying attention,” she writes, of “deliberately beholding and appreciating the other.”

Gratitude is, fundamentally, about not taking things for granted, a kind of worldview. “Gratitude arises from a specific circumstance — being given a gift or done a favor — but depends less upon that,” Ms. Visser writes, “than on the receiver’s whole life, her character, upbringing, maturity, experience, relationships with others, and also on her ideals, including her idea of the sort of person she is or would like to be.

~ From Dwight Gardner's article about Margaret Visser's new book The Gift of Thanks - The Roots and Rituals of Gratitude

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POD said...

That is a lovely quote. I was just saying that gratitude brought about more consciousness. or is it consciousness that brings more gratitude?

Care said...

I enjoy the consciousness of gratefully accepting even more things to be grateful for the more I think about how grateful I am. I'm not sure that makes sense upon re-reading... Hmmm