Saturday, November 1, 2008

Quotable - I hate your politics

"Each of you carries baggage from your political affiliation, and all of that baggage has a punky smell to it, like one of your larger species of rodent crawled in and expired in your folded underwear. Listening to any of you yammer on about the geopolitical situation is enough to make one want to melt down one's dental fillings with a beeswax candle and then jam an ice pick into the freshly-exposed nerve, just to have something else to think about. It's not so much that politics brings out the worst in people than it is that the worst in people goes looking for something to do, and that usually ends up being politics. It's either that or setting fires in trashcans."

~ John Salzi, Whatever: I Hate Your Politics (written in 2002 but is apparently a classic since it applies today and will no doubt be relevant in 2012)

Much more recent from Salzi: Election List X: Some of The Horrible Things That Will Happen To You If You Don’t Vote [I wonder if he's talked to somebody about his penis falling off fears? Probably should.]

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