Sunday, February 12, 2006

Vote - Most Annoying Senator

While reading a recent article about how some Senators' Wikipedia biographies had been hacked by their own staff in order to remove items they found to be negative or embarrassing, or to add items to 'improve' the bio, I found something pretty dang funny:
Wikipedia also stated that there had been some "vandalism" of biographies, such as an entry for Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, which erroneously claimed he had been voted "most annoying senator."
I think it's entirely plausible that Sen. Coburn was voted "most annoying senator." While there's a fair amount of competition for that title (who would dare disagree after watching the Alito farce?) there's no question Coburn would be a contender. While I don't consider him to be the most annoying, he'd make my top five.

So, shall we determine once and for all who is the most annoying senator? Once we have a clear winner, this information will be a "fact" that can be rightfully added to the winning Senator's wikipedia bio. You with me on this?

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