Monday, February 13, 2006

Fan Mail for Mr. Doolittle (vol. 1)

Doolittle's Indian casino work

Re "Doolittle tried to assist tribes," Jan. 30: How nice that Rep. John Doolittle - a man who lives up to his name - finds time to lobby the Bush administration on behalf of Indian tribes having nothing to do with his home state, but having a lot to do with indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Of course, Doolittle will claim that such acts have no relationship to dollars funneled by Abramoff to Doolittle's campaigns and his wife's fundraising business, and his claim will continue to be as believable as President Nixon claiming that he was not a crook despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary. Does Doolittle really have so little regard for the intelligence of his constituents?

- Robert A. Dell'Agostino , Sacramento

Time for Doolittle to retire?

Re "Doolittle isn't talking about letters," Jan. 31: Rep. John Doolittle's refusal to discuss the letters he wrote on behalf of Indian tribes in Iowa and Massachusetts is a bad political move. His opponent in the upcoming midterm elections will make hay out of his refusal.

On the other hand, for sound legal reasons, he should keep quiet about the letters. The prosecutors no doubt are investigating everyone who had anything to do with Jack Abramoff. Only time will tell whether Doolittle is as squeaky clean as he claims.

Perhaps the time has come for Doolittle to retire. He could, after the required waiting period, become a lobbyist.

- James G. Updegraff, Sacramento

Sacramento Bee, Feb. 13, 2006

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