Thursday, February 23, 2006

"So, did you bring your checkbook?"

As evidenced by this photo, the locals didn't care for his answer.

Maybe this is why valiant "Protector of American Heritage" Doolittle rarely spends time in his district. Now that the word is out about his earmarking prowess and fundraising abilities, locals want a piece of the action. At a meeting about a construction project in Grass Valley where $25 million in federal funding is sought, Doolittle was put on the spot:
"So, did you bring your checkbook?" Grass Valley Mayor Gerard Tassone asked Doolittle, emphasizing the importance of beginning construction soon.
Doolittle apparently resisted replying with, "Have you hired a lobbyist yet?" as he has in the past. Not kidding.

He went on to underwhelm the group with this bright idea:
Doolittle also suggested creating a toll road on or near Highway 49 to help pay for construction costs on area roads. However, many government officials at the meeting expressed skepticism of such an idea.
Also from the article, Doolittle is supposed to officially announce his re-election campaign in Auburn today. Where, when?

Article ends with an update on what Doolittle has cooking in Washington:
Among other topics, Doolittle also spoke about some of his recent work in Washington D.C., which, he says, includes protecting American heritage.

In January, Doolittle co-sponsored a resolution supporting the motto "In God We Trust," which appears on currency and in many public places, such as courtrooms. It's a bill the congressman considers necessary for the good of the nation.

"This resolution is necessary in order to prevent a few anti-God bullies from white-washing our nation's heritage with their so called 'politically-correct' rhetoric," Doolittle says in a statement on his Web site.

Doolittle said Wednesday that his resolution supporting the motto was still pending

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