Thursday, February 23, 2006

Doolittle - "Fiddle dee-dee, it's really no concern to me"

It's very telling how little interaction John Doolittle has with non-Washington lobbyists and other big-wigs of the Republican party. Lately, whenever he speaks to the press or other media the headline is lauditory about his ablilty to speak i.e., Doolittle Speaks! Doolittle Breaks His Silence!! It's big news that he's around and allowing himself to be interviewed by local media. What we're used to is no town hall meetings (his two bamboozlement 'workshops' don't count), no seeing him around town, no being able to schedule an appointment with him when he's back in district 4 during House recesses - after eight terms in congress, he's clearly more of a Washington-inside-the-beltway-kinda-guy than one of us.

Doolittle channels Scarlett O'Hara in his most recent interview with Jason Probst for the Roseville Press-Tribune:
And in a strange twist, despite multiple media reports of what Abramoff and his various financing means actually gave Doolittle - some printed sources range as high as $140,000 - the Congressman said he doesn't know how much money he's received from Abramoff. "I've never looked independently at it. I've read different media reports. It really is of no concern to me. Whatever you've seen, I've seen. All I know is I try to raise as much money as possible. That's my job as a Republican leader," he said, citing his position as House Republican Conference Secretary, the sixth-highest ranking spot in House leadership.
That money I received from Abramoff? Well, fiddle dee-dee! I'll think about that tomorrow!

At least his primary challenger is mentioned in this article but Doolittle doesn't appear to have been asked about this directly:
The fallout from the scandal may not rest well with voters in the 4th Congressional District, which he's represented since 1992. Auburn Mayor Mike Holmes is challenging him in June for the party nomination, attacking Doolittle's record and hoping the Abramoff fallout will trigger an upset.
And, still no mention of when and how he will kick off his ninth campaign for congress. Is it a secret or have I missed something?

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