Saturday, October 8, 2005

What Two Thousand Looks Like

"The truth is, the administration's mishandling of the war in Iraq has made us less safe, and Iraq risks becoming what it was not before the war: a training ground for terrorists...
We cannot continue to stay the course, we must change the course. The American people and our brave men and women in Iraq deserve better.” ~ Sen. Harry Reid

Update - This is what Marie had to say about this video at her blog, The Right LEFT Story:

Each one has a face. Each one left loved ones behind. Each day the list grows longer. Each day Rumsfeld remains in charge there will be more. We need someone who knows what they're doing to be in charge of our future in Iraq so no more faceless names will be published at the DoD.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, although "stop the war has a strong emotional appeal, I think it is a little simplistic. This war has been a mistake from the beginning, but it is a blunder that has already been made, and it matters how we get out of it. This post by a commenter on another blog comes the closest to summing up my views on the war and the way out:

"SMG, I realize it was buried, but I did say that one of the reasons to despise this admin is that their incompetence enabled the rise of this "vile insurgency". I am fully cognizant that we are dealing with the kind of evil that would blow up the little kid living next door to rise a few notches in the estime of the mafiosi who run the neighborhood. Monsters, no argument. Evil, no argument.

But what gets lost in all this foolish partisan blather is that we didn't need to do it this way and we are now getting nowhere. I'm tired of being lied to. I'm tired of pretending we are fighting a finite evil that can be vanquished by traditional means. I'm tired of having elitist incompetents pretending to run a war they don't understand and didn't expect. I'm astonished that so many otherwise intelligent conservatives are able to keep up the pretense of believing the meaningless platitudes this President BBBrain coughs up whenever his poll numbers dip.

I don't advocate an immediate withdrawal from Iraq because I fully realize it would mean that the incubator of terrorism our action has created there would then take full advantage of the resultant chaos to destabilize the world and target American civilians at will. We're in the deep shit. But let's try - just try - a little honesty now and then. We need a new approach. We need an unfettered, uncensored military leadership to feel immune to express every last bit of their input on the subject, no matter what shame it heaps upon the administration. We need to accept the fact that we need more troops but have less than ever available, and we need to uncover an ingeniuous solution to that real time dilemma. We need real diplomats, true professionals, not assholes who make Johnny Freeper feel empowered.

And I'm in a pretty solid state of despair because I know as well as you that Bush is in over his head, that he doesn't know what to do, that the most likely outcome is he'll meander and blow smoke and allow things to only deteriorate further. And every day another American kid gets blown up by an enemy he can't even shoot back at. I don't want to hear any crap about this. I listen to the radio. They come in clumps, but they average out to about one a day. Last week, 19 American mothers got the phone call they dreaded.

I think this whole thing happened because we, the people allowed ourselves to believe we had big bad daddies taking care of our national security in Washington and instead we had millionaires playing war games looking for jobs for their golf buddies. I look forward to these Plame indictments, not because they'll improve anything about this debacle, but because they just might be the thing that wakes up the fat, lazy American people and reminds them that you get the government you deserve.

Posted by: JayDee | October 08, 2005 at 03:04 PM"

That's kinda how I see it too.


cali said...


Where'd you find this post? It is pretty good. What I get out of it is that it's insnae for Bush to say we should stay the course and that we're making progress. Just more lies...

cali said...

I forgot to ask, did you watch the video? If so, what do you think about it?

The photo is from a local peace vigil that was held in support of Cindy Sheehan's vigil in Crawford.