Sunday, October 9, 2005

Season of the Witch

When we went for a walk a couple days ago, we encountered a tarantula on the walking trail. I had no idea they lived here. As we stood there watching this huge spider walk around in circles in front of us, we started imaging that it must be someone's 'pet' since it seemed unconcerned with us. I was pretty calm.

And then, a couple of other walkers joined us and the guy said, "Oh no, that's not someone's pet, they live here. They like to climb the trees and they like to rumage through the oak leaves on the ground." This freaked me out. Now I imagine the oak trees surrounding our house to be full of huge spiders. Every time I hear oak leaves rustle, I wonder if it's wind caused rustling or giant spider caused rustling. I'm getting a stomach ache just thinking about this and looking for the photo to post didn't help. Did you know that it's fairly common for people to have their picture taken while letting these huge, hairy spiders crawl on them? Very disturbing.

Maybe there's a reason for all the giant spider symbolism this time of year. You know, Halloween and all that. If you're uncomfortable with this story and the photo, check out Blue Girl's Mummy Weenies. They're cute as heck and the double entendre are plentiful.

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