Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Score One for the Birds

From Reuters:

A Swedish hunter was knocked unconscious after his son shot a flying Canadian goose which then fell onto his head, news agency TT reported Wednesday.

"I guess it wanted revenge," hunter Ulf Ilback told local newspaper Extra Ostergotland, according to TT.

Ilback said he had to stay in bed for two days after being knocked out by the goose, which fell from around 60 feet. The birds can weigh up 13 pounds.


CO said...

Yep.. don't mess with Canadians ! We don't get mad .. we get even.

cali said...

CO - lol!!

Broadsheet said...

Reuters got it wrong. They are Canada geese, not Canadian geese. The official name for any bird is its Latin name. So the "real" name for this creature is Branta canadensis, hence Canada Goose.

cali said...

Linda, thanks. I came very close to posting a better picture of geese in flight but they were not Canada geese and I figured someone would notice and my credibility (already on shakey ground) would suffer.

Thanks for stopping by.

CO said...

Cali, take it from this Canadian .. you were close enough. I certainly knew what you meant. I am from Canada and am a Canadian .. who is to say the same wasn't true of the Goose in question ? Most of them do have more sense the human variety of Canadian .. they head south in the winter.