Monday, September 26, 2005

Goin' to Texas

I'm heading out on a crazy road trip to Austin. Don't forget about this blog while I'm gone. If someone would bring the paper in and water the plants in a couple days, that would be great. C-ya!


blue girl said...

A *crazy* road trip sounds awesome -- have a great, safe time.

We won't forget you!

Anonymous said...

have a great time, enjoy yourself.
Don't get caught speeding.

ConcernedObserver said...

Hope the trip is a fun trip Cali. But don't stay away too long.

Things are looking up in both Washington and Texas these days.

Maybe there's some hope after all that Americans will take a really good second look at their so called Leaders.

It's beginning to look as if they are actually remembering what someone said so long ago...
"The most important political office is that of private citizen."


ConcernedObserver said...

and BTW .. if you happen to run across Ronnie Earle in your travels .. shake his hand for me, will ya ?

graham4anything said...

Wish you back or checking in today ...mighty interesting.

Hope you are having a great time.

cali said...

Yippee! I finally have adequate internet connection and my lap top. It's been strange watching and listening from the 'sidelines' while all these interesting things happened.

Thanks for all the safe trip thoughts - so far, so good. Austin's great but I'm looking forward to being back in California again.