Wednesday, May 12, 2010

God help me, I like this show

Nurse Jackie
"We may love her for her insight, for Falco’s prickly intelligence and her rare adult grace, but we can’t ignore the fact that even at her most compassionate moments, Jackie is privately calculating how to get her next hit." Source: here.

Just watched the first few episodes last night. What an interesting female lead character!

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POD said...

I like the show too. But I have to watch at my sister's house since I don't get Showtime. I find it interesting that I always feel kind of sorry for her yet she has issues with her integrity. Or I should say I have issues with her integrity. It's funny, her drug addiction, her philandering and yet, I find myself always on her side.

sherry said...

The first season is available on netflix. Yep, I know exactly what you mean.

Did you know the show is written by women who are in recovery?

I like the music that's used too.

Now there are three shows I watch via DVDs from netflix: the Office, Mad Men & Nurse Jackie.

POD said...

I watched this week's episode at lunch. Superb as always.
And The Office saved me from heart break.

dkuroiwa said...

Hi. My name is debbie.
I live in a cave, otherwise known as Japan, and i want to thank you for helping my list of "shows i really need to watch" get longer and longer....
I will go to the "site no one is supposed to know about where i can usually find shows i cannot normally get on the net".
thanks, my friend.

POD said...

Loved Debbie's comment. Too funny. You're providing a huge service here.

sherry said...

Debbie's very funny -- go check out her blog.

The more I watch Nurse jackie, the more hooked I'm becoming. Could say it's becoming 'addictive.' Pun intended.