Monday, March 8, 2010

so much for conventional wisdom

I had read somewhere in passing that the most popular film, i.e. the one seen by the most people, usually won the Oscar for Best Picture. According to the highly scientific poll in the sidebar of my blog, this year's Oscar went to the film with the least amount of viewers: The Hurt Locker. If this bit of conventional wisdom was indeed predictive, Avatar would have won.

Did you watch the Oscars last night? Sandra Bullock gave a great acceptance speech, didn't she?

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Kathleen said...

I did watch the Oscars and thought Sandra Bullock's speech was wonderfully refreshing and also generous to her fellow nominees.

Anonymous said...

Her speech was good. Can you believe I still haven't seen The Blind Side! I must soon! I also have not seen The Hurt Locker. Got lots of netflixing to do.

sherry said...

Kathleen - I especially admired as you put it, Sandra Bullock's generosity to her colleagues. Gracious speech.

Julie - Yes, now I want to see The Blind Side. Hope netflix does make us wait too long for the films we're still catching up on.

dkuroiwa said...

I haven't actually seen the Oscars it was only on on cable here, i'll have to watch bits and pieces on YouTube or wait until next week, when it is on regular tv.
I'm so happy for Sandra (and Jeff Bridges!!) she is one of my all-time fave actresses! And no...I haven't seen their movies...or any of the ones in that long list of nominations...sigh...the time? where do I find the time?? :-)

I'll just say that, yeah, Avatar was popular and whatnot but...I'm so glad it didn't win any of the big ones....James Cameron? don't like him at all. So very glad his ex won so big. Retribution, who?

oh by the way....the news over here (in japan) was having such a fun time showing again and again how Sandra had just won the Razzy for worst performance...had to explain that the Razzies were not an "official" awards ceremony to many...nay..all of my classes!!

sherry said...

I'm with ya about James Cameron. He the kind of guy that reminds you of your own or someone else's icky first husband.

Care said...

Oh, Sherry! your last comment makes me laugh out loud.
I think you could also say that The Blind Side should have won - I know way more people saw that than Avatar. Lots of the Avatar fans saw it multiple times. But - I'm only counting my own poll; extremely unscientific!
I didn't make it all the way to the end so I missed SB's speech but have been disappointed that the clips they've been showing have NOT shown any generosity. I guess I better go seek that out. I really wanted to see the little speeches that other actor's give for the noms. So personal.