Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's your NPR name?

National Public Radio has an on-going series about Frederic Chopin (Chopin at 200). I love Chopin for the obvious reasons but I've also just now discovered a health reason to listen to more of this beautiful, passionate, playful and romantic music. I tested my blood pressure before listening to Chopin and then while listening to and watching this video. My blood pressure was improved while listening to Chopin. Try it yourself. Does watching this brilliant pianist's love and enthusiasm for the music he's playing do anything for you?

You know how NPR journalists have the best names, someone has come up with a quick formula so that you can create your very own NPR name. Mine's Sherrly Riomaggiore (lookout Sylvia Poggioli!). What's your NPR name?

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phd in yogurtry said...

thank you, THANK YOU for this link! I have long wondered how Lakshmi Singh spells her name! And now I know. And I wondered if she was Asian but now it appears her name is Indian. Ahhh. One less "remember to google that" on my to do list.

I can't list my real name due to tiresome anonymity reasons, but how about... Coffeel Santa Elena?

sherry said...

Coffeel, with your name you'd fit right in with the NPR crowd. I hope you're practicing your sign off.

sara said...

Asara Ensenada.

I love Chopin too. I bought tickets to an all-Chopin piano performance at Austin Symphony next month.

sherry said...

What if I show up ready to go to the Chopin performance?