Saturday, February 13, 2010

this & that

Thought I'd share a sample of things in the internets that caught my attention during morning coffee. This archetypal photo vignette by Pam. Switching from coffee habit to green tea at coffeeyogurt no less! Will this result in renaming of blog? Recommended reading from a bay area indie bookstore via SF Chronicle's Top Shelf . I have one of the suggested books in my TBR stack. Heart-shaped cupcakes...ideal meets reality. Results may vary indeed. And, don't miss these awe inspiring photos from last night's Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

BTW - there's an exciting book giveaway happening right here at nite swimming! Check it out here. If not for yourself, you could win a copy to give as a present for your sister, friend, mom.

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POD said...

Sherry, Thanks for your comments on my blog(s). I can't comment on the weekend from my home connection. Each time I try to visit any of the blogs, I get an error msg saying I'm not connected to the internet. Damn satellite company! I'm at work for a few moments. Catching up.
Heart shaped (or any shaped) cupcakes sound wonderful but my not heart shaped.

Jason, as himself said...

Hi Sherry! Thanks for stopping by The Jason Show, and thanks for the comment.

Coffeeyogurt is switching to green tea? I missed that somehow. I wish I could make that switch, but I don't like green tea and I'm too accustomed to my huge caffeine jolt each morning.

Now I must go check out your book give away.

I will see you around!

Pam said...

Thanks for the mention! Are you liking "Await Your Reply"? It's on my list to read.

sherry said...

POD - Thank you for all your comments on my blogs! And for all the beautiful and inspiring (and funny) words and photos you share with us all.

Jason - I've been a 'lurker' at your blog for a long time. Love it!

Pam - Await Your Reply is not doing it for me and it's knocking me off my book-a-week thing. Dang. I'm going to finish it though.

dkuroiwa said...

okay...that was funny...i was reading that and then...whoa! those are MY goofy-ass cupcakes!! (funny looking, but mighty delish!!)
Now...i will tell you the same thing i told yogurty....if you want green tea...TALK TO ME!! I can get you the real stuff...the good stuff!! really. talk to me!
:-) i know of what i speak on this particular topic!!