Thursday, February 18, 2010

taking a hike

We're going to hike to see a waterfall today. I'm excited! In northern California, the best time to see waterfalls is in the spring. It's not exactly spring yet, but we're having a spring preview today.

Question: Does hiking and reading go together?

Answer: Of course! I always take a book with me whether or not I get to fit some reading in is another question. I'm hopeful to find a beautiful spot where I can hear both birds and water flowing -- even if we stop for only 15 minutes or so. My hiking partner is often too restless to stop for very long.

ADDED: Photos from today's hike here. And, nope, no reading outside for me today but the waterfall and hike were wonderful.

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Kathleen said...

Some of my favorite reading moments were those times when I spent hours reading out in nature while on a camping trip. I hope you enjoy your hike and a bit of reading time.

CherylK said...

There is nothing quite like reading in a peaceful outdoor setting. Birds and the sound of water would be icing on the cake. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I love to hike and bringing a book along sounds like a great idea! I'm glad you enjoyed the hike and waterfall!

POD said...

Hope you have a great time (or had a great time depending on what time it is). I have been remiss in my duties. Busy!