Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quotable - what it feels like

...I’m just trying to understand, trying to articulate, what it feels like to be damaged goods in our oversexualized culture.

We founder in a mere surface culture of smirk, snark and innuendo. The greedy objectification of the body — in both women and men — accelerates, speeding so fast that the objections can’t even be heard over the roar of the mass media.

We are told to worship washboard abs and Everest biceps, improbably perky breasts and buns of titanium. It sometimes seems that every image spewed forth by the electronic media resonates with just one unsubtle subtext: sex.

~ Dana Jennings, After Surviving Cancer, a Focus on True Manhood

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POD said...

Dana has written some very poignant pieces though buns of titanium don't sound all that sexual to me. They sound hard.

sherry said...

Titanium buns...yeah, kinda cold and heavy. Do they set off security alarms in airports? I hope so.