Monday, February 1, 2010

Quotable - Be cool

"Coolness to the pizza delivery dude is a practice in equality. My measurement as a human being, my worth, is the pride I take in performing my job -- any job -- and the respect with which I treat others. I am the equal of the world not because of the car I drive, the size of the TV I own, the weight I can bench press, or the calculus equations I can solve. I am the equal to all I meet because of the kindness in my heart. And it all starts here -- with the pizza delivery dude."

~ Sarah Adams, from "Be Cool to the Pizza Dude" in This I Believe.

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CherylK said...

What a timeless quote. I love quotations and this is a keeper.

sherry said...

Cheryl - If you a moment, click on the title of the essay and read the whole thing (don't worry, it's short). You'll love how she builds to this quote.

POD said...

I will follow the directions to the essay.
Thanks for posting this.

The Bumbles said...

So glad you were touched by that essay too!

Trish said...

Sherry, as per your suggestion, I read the whole essay and enjoyed following Sarah's journey of self discovery and revelation certainly leaving each of us something to ponder on an individual and personal level. Thanks so much for sharing!