Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monkey Sunday

I guess there's some sort of big football game today, right? Ok, I know it's super bowl Sunday, but have no idea who's playing. That's because as Beck notes "in the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey." Hi, my name is Sherry, and I'm a cultural misfit.

Here's my tradition for SBS: to go see the most non-testosteroid film that I have any interest in. This year it's "The Young Victoria."

What are you up to today? Are you watching the game or do you have a alternative SBS tradition?

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CherylK said...

I will spend a good part of the day on the computer or reading. I will not be among the gazillions parked in front of the television.

sherry said...

Whoops, I left out that before I head off to see "The Young Victoria," I have some baseboards to paint. Fun city!

Pam said...

I'm listening to it (it's on the tv in the other room), while I surf the net.

Care said...

I'm too late to answer your question - I watched the highlights of the game in between conversing with friends while the game was happening. But when the true 'watchers' got loud, I watched the touchdowns... Hope you had fun painting and movie-watching.

sherry said...

Care - The painting was painless but not fun. The movie, however, was terrific!

Pam & Cheryl - seems SBS offers time to catch up on the ol' internets.

For the record, I did my part to make SBS into another chocolate holiday, sort of an appetizer to Valentines Day. I paid a visit to the See's Candy store. That's why I'm spending a couple hours on the treadmill today. No worries -- it was worth it.

Kathleen said...

I watched the game yesterday but read the New York Times on my Kindle while doing it!