Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a book a week in 2010

Last year, I set a goal of being fit by my birthday in early November. I lost about 30 pounds and got to where 30 miles was my minimum bike ride (I became pretty fit). I reached this goal well before my birthday by creating and meeting smaller goals, such as a certain amount of miles cycled in a week or time spent on the treadmill. I also started to set reading goals. I discovered if I read forty to fifty pages a day or when I had the opportunity to read, I would stay connected to the book I was reading even if it wasn't wowing me. At that pace I was reading about a book a week. I'm going to keep doing this and make it a goal this year to read a book a week.

Have you set reading goals for 2010? If you're thinking about reading a book a week, here's a very persuasive post explaining why it's a great goal to set along with some tips: How to Read a Book a Week in 2010.

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Pam said...

Nope, no goals. I might do the notable books challenge. With my Kindle, it will definitely be easier.

eveningreader said...

I read about a book a week last year (or at least my total averaged out that way), and I also consciously try to read 50 pages a day. This is a good pace, I think, and I plan to stick to it more consciously this year. I agree that with anything, it helps to make those smaller goals to keep from being overwhelmed by what you want to achieve in the end. Congrats on your successes!

The Bumbles said...

Thought of you this morning when I heard Night Swimming on the radio.

The only way for me to read 50 books in a year is if I stopped blogging! As of now I'm comfortable with a new book every couple weeks - unless its a thick one and then I like to dive in and savor my time there.

Michele at Reader's Respite said...

I'm trying to go back and read all of the books I should have/really wanted to read, but got too buried in advance copies to do so. So 2010 reading is all about ME...books I actually want to read!

once in a blue moon... said...

nice to see your blog, your avatar is so cute~

my goal is 100 books, its easy if you are always planning ahead. i admire your weight loss, i just can't get myself to follow thru more then a 2 weeks, reading i knew i could achieve!

i just started food for thought, look for the link on my blog sidebar, be fun if you joined in, i would love to see what you are reading~ join in on the 30th!