Tuesday, December 22, 2009

See this film - Food, Inc

Yes, there are disturbing scenes of how the animals that are commonly consumed in our country are 'processed.' Thankfully, these scenes are not gratuitous. The main point I came away with is that giant corporations have taken over our food supply with a lot of help from our government. Most disturbing is how the various government agencies that are charged with oversight of food production and consumer protection are mostly led by industry insiders, people who have spent years acting as lobbists for food giants. Basically, our elected officials have been bought off by the food giants. The result is that we have a food system that has made tax-subsidized, under-regulated, and unhealthy food the foundation of the American diet. And, this is making us fat and sick.

Although I put off watching this well-made documentary, I'm glad that I watched it now. Why? Because it puts this terrible health insurance bill into greater perspective. Now I see how the government and giant corporation collusion really works. Sure, the bill includes more regulation of health insurance companies but I imagine we'll be less than thrilled with who is put in charge of overseeing the government agencies that are supposed to enforce these new regulations.

When and how are we going to take back our government from control of corporations? Will anyone in Congress and the White House ever have the conviction to put the needs of our country's citizens before the wants of oil, food, military contractors (Boeing, Raytheon, Halliburton), and health insurance corporations?

Roger Ebert's review here.

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