Monday, November 30, 2009

Quotable - New still happens

"When I was little, I made memories. The school corridor, wider than a river, went on for miles. Nuns were all six foot and muscular, even the old ones. The Five and Ten was magical. Everything you wanted or needed was on one of its shelves. The railroad tracks just kept going and going as far as any of us could imagine, even to China. The woods were filled with adventures. Blueberries grew everywhere. The turkey needed two people to lift it out of the oven. The Christmas tree touched the ceiling and filled the living room.

Life is gigantic when you're little. It's is a surprise wrapped in paper and lots of ribbon. The sun is brighter, the snow deeper and the rain heavier. New still happens. Believing is easy."

~ Kat via Keep the Coffee Coming

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1 comment:

The Bumbles said...

Perfectly put by Kat. I get sad whenever I re-visit a place from my past and see just how much things have changed - or how much I have.