Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays

TEASER TUESDAYS is hosted by MizB (Should Be Reading). Here's what you do:

  • Grab your current read.
  • Let the book fall open to a random page.
  • Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12. Be sure to share the title of the book and avoid spoilers.
  • Here’s a peek of what I’m reading:

    And she had managed to give every room of it the spare, stripped-down, intellectual look that April Wheeler called "interesting." Well, almost every room.

    Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates p.151

    What are you reading?


    Bluestocking said...

    I don't think I've seen this look before.

    Lynn said...

    Ooooh, I love your teaser. Is it a good book?

    avisannschild said...

    I've gotta say, the movie trailer made this look like a depressing story. I'll be curious to read your review!

    My teasers are here.

    avisannschild said...

    Love the quote in your header, by the way!

    Jo-Jo said...

    Intellectual looks for rooms...interesting. Thanks for the teaser...mine is here.

    Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books said...

    Our neighborhood book group read this a few months ago (we live on a "Revolutionary Road"), and are hoping to see the movie as a group.

    I'll look for your review!

    My teaser is here.

    Irish said...

    Good teaser. That line just really hooks you in.


    cali said...

    Thanks, everyone for the visits.

    Bluestocking - I'm unsure if you're commenting about the new look of the blog or had a typo and meant "book." Anyway, I'm glad you stopped by.

    Lynn - This is embarrassing, but I've not yet really sat down and started reading this book. I'm anxious to but I've let other things intrude on my reading time. Blogging being one of them. (blushing)

    avisannschild - You're correct (I think) not a cheery story with a happy ending but I tend to like those types of books.

    Jo Jo - I know! I found that odd that this male character seemed preoccupied with messages sent by home decor. Very interested in status possibly?

    Dawn - I read your review of this book. Very well done! On the whole, did your book club like it?

    Irish - Yeah, who knew one's interior decorating could be of such interest...Years later we have HGTV.

    The Bumbles said...

    I have honestly never heard of this - or a movie. My nose was buried in other books I guess. I do like "Edgar Sawtelle" very much - halfway through and due back in 5 days - if you don't hear back from me after that assume I was arrested for keeping their property ;0)

    Betty said...

    There's a movie that goes with this book? Maybe I'll check them both out. =D

    Alice Teh said...

    Sounds like some major room makeover is happening... Interesting teaser!