Monday, December 22, 2008

Mailbox Monday

Hey, I get to play Mailbox Monday after all! I just received an ARC copy of "The Only True Genius in the Family" by Jennie Nash. Ms. Nash sent this copy to me to read, of course, but to also pass around my book club. It will be released on February 3rd.

From Jennie Nash's website:

"The Only True Genius in the Family inspires discussions about inheritance, jealousy, what it takes to make art and the nature of genius. There are all kinds of juicy mother-daughter and father-daughter topics within those themes."

Now, in a story set against the heroic landscape of the American West, she gives us a story about three generations of artists who are grappling with the source of creativity and the limits of love.

Claire has a successful career as a food photographer, a loving husband, a gorgeous home on the beach, and a daughter whose career as a painter is in the brink of taking off. The one thing she doesn’t have is the acceptance of her father, a legendary landscape photographer who believed that, in their family, genius skipped a generation.

When her father drops dead, Claire suddenly loses confidence in herself and her art. Even worse, she starts to feel jealous of her daughter’s success. As she helps prepare a retrospective of her famous father’s work, she uncovers evidence that he struggled and loved in ways she never imagined – a revelation that changes everything she believes about herself.


Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books said...

I hope you (and your book group) enjoy this one. Parent-child relationships can be so tricky!

I like your hope-peace-love candy cane widget :)

cali said...

Thanks, Dawn. This author seems very book club friendly. It's great that she's reaching out.


Alyce said...

I'm supposed to get this one too sometime soon. I'll be interested in reading your opinion.

cali said...

Alyce, great! We'll be able to compare notes.

jennie nash said...

Hi Cali and Alyce and everyone else. This is Jennie Nash. I just wanted to say THANKS for posting about my new book. I'm really excited about this novel, and am grateful for the attention of this group of caring readers. If there's anything I can do for anyone's blog or book club, please let me know. You can reach me at I'm balancing doing publicity for The Only True Genius in the Family AND trying to get novel #3 written AND trying not to eat all the leftover Christmas candy -- which is making me a little crazy! The working title for novel #3 is The Encyclopedia of Grief. It's the story of a woman whose house burns in a California fire, and she catalogs what she loses -- which is far more than just things. Do you all like that title, or is it too grim? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Happy Holidays. Jennie

cali said...

Hi Jennie,

Thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to reading "The Only True Genius in the Family." Your current book sounds interesting. Have you thought about using the word "loss" in place of "grief?"

Best wishes for handling all you have going on - whew.

~ cali