Monday, November 3, 2008

What she said

From dakinikat at The Confluence:

So I have examined the words, the actions, and the experience of Senator Barack Obama. While the speeches are well written and very well delivered, I see nothing in him to give me faith that he can bring a better tomorrow. I look back to his first campaigns and see that he ran unopposed because he had his opponents–including an important mentor–disqualified on technicalites. I look back to his senatorial campaign, only two years ago, and find that his opponent’s sealed divorce records mysteriously opened. Divorce records sealed to protect small children. I see some one whose home was bought with the help of a felon. I see some one who cannot produce his own legislative records and whose voting record is made up of few decisions and accomplishments not his own, but handed to him by some one else. I see speeches with borrowed words on teleprompters. I see off teleprompter moments with mistakes made that would flunk a freshman. I see bristly, offended looks when asked tough questions. I see reporters tossed off planes when newspapers endorse other candidates. I see long term associations with folks that I would chase off if they came near my children. I’ve seen misogyny and race-baiting. I’ve seen money go to organizations breaking laws and perpetuating fraud. When I look for the simplest public records, I find nothing. I see only carefully crafted stories.

I have also seen the Democratic party turn against its past values. I saw the RBC throw out one-man, one vote. I saw the DNC punish some states that moved election dates early and leave others alone. I saw the DNC allow misogyny and race-baiting run unchecked. I saw the DNC push a candidate with no experience and no record ahead of a field of much more qualified candidates. I saw cheating in caucuses go unpunished. I saw impeachment come off the table. I saw my party enable the passage of domestic spying. I saw a candidate and a party so avarous of power and desire to rule that it turned its back on everything that had made me a democrat.

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