Monday, October 13, 2008

An unreasonable man

I watched "An Unreasonable Man" last night. It's a well-made independent documentary giving the background story behind Nader's run for president in 2000 and the fallout he's endured due to the fiasco in Florida and the misconceptions many have that he is to blame for everything that transpired (i.e. Nader became the official whipping boy). I've always had a lot of respect and admiration for Ralph Nader's consumer advocacy and courage in shining light on what the two party system is doing to our democracy. Recently, when we were on our big fat western road trip, we settled in to watch the Bill Maher show. We don't get HBO at home, and while I think Maher is a jerk, thought it would be interesting at least because Ralph Nader was on the show. At some point in the political discussion, Maher called Governor Palin a "bimbo" and Nader called him on it saying it was a sexist term. That was the moment I decided I would cast my vote for him and become an unreasonable woman.

Watch this film when you get a chance. And, lest you think it's a one-sided tribute to Nader, it's not.

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