Tuesday, September 2, 2008


"So now we have a situation in which it is taken for granted that having a child out of wedlock is so shocking, so egregious, that one can legitimately (cough) wonder whether it will end the national political career of the mother of the mother of the child. This is not where the Democrats should be. This is the opposite of where the Democrats should be.

We are supposed to be past the point where the "shame" of a young woman's sexual activity so dishonors her parents that they are seen as no longer morally fit to hold high public office.

Instead, plenty of Democrats are perfectly fine with reinforcing that message if it means scoring a political point against McCain. That may be good for the party in the very short term, but it is bad for women and thus bad for the party in the medium to long term. Not to mention being the morally wrong thing to do."

~ ciccina in a comment to her post "When Misogyny Doesn't Pay"

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