Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Friday & I'm sick of politics

I feel like I have a political convention hangover. I've overdosed on all the spin, hype, cognitive dissonance and punditry. Burned out. So, it's off to the pool with a good book, Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Before I go, I want to mention the two good things that have come out of the current political craziness: (1) both Barack and Sarah are considered "young." Wasn't too long ago people in their forties were called 'middle aged.' Love this! (2) I'm reminded of the beauty of Alaska. In one of his many sexist jokes about Gov. Sarah Palin, Letterman asked his New York audience if anyone had been to Alaska. Then he asked if anyone had been to Wisilla, Alaska. I have been to Wisilla. I can't seem to locate a photo (I thought we had one of a float plane on a lake where we stayed but I can't locate it), here's one of a gorgeous sunset in Anchorage instead:

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