Thursday, May 15, 2008

Obama's bad habit

Something tells me Elizabeth Edwards may have cringed when she heard about Obama's latest "sweetie comment" flap doodle and the timing of her husband's endorsement of BO -- timed to diminish Senator Clinton's 41 point victory in West Virginia.

Barack Obama has apologized to a Channel 7 reporter Peggy Agar for calling her "sweetie" and dodging her question about autoworkers.

Agar shouted a question to the Democratic presidential candidate during Obama's appearance Wednesday at a Chrysler LLC plant in Sterling Heights.

Agar asks Obama what he's "going to do to help American autoworkers."

He replies, "Hold on one second, sweetie, we'll do a press avail, thanks" but didn't get back to Agar.

Hour later, Obama left a voicemail for Agar. Obama apologized for not getting back to her. He also told Agar he has a bad habit of calling people "sweetie."

This is more than a bad habit, Barry. Smoking is a bad habit. Calling women "sweetie" -- whether they are factory workers or journalists -- is arrogance.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? People are making tee shirts depicting Barack Obama as a MONKEY. Come on, get a grip. I'm a woman & I a feminist - but I've been called worse than sweetie. He's a father to two intelligent daughters & a husband to a spirited and independent woman - he's not a misogynist. Can we get back on ISSUES. Yet again with the 'flag pin' distractions. How about McCain calling Asians by the disgusting G word? Your lame.

cali said...

Why is it so difficult for starry-eyed Obama supporters to handle any criticism of their candidate? Misogyny, antisemitism, homophobia and racism are all abhorrent to progressives. We need leaders who will step up and demonstrate they are above such unnecessary hatred. I'm not seeing this leadership in Barack Obama.

BTW anonymous, it's "you're lame." ;)

Anonymous said...

A man in Clintons position would have been forced to drop out 6 weeks ago after 11 straight losses. Instead the Democratic Party decided to give her a break so as to not upset the balance of her now rabid followers. Alot of good that did.

Pretend all you like that poor poor Hillary has gotten a rotten deal. The blatent 'poorly treated female candidate' syndrome is disingenuous at best and cult like at worst.

Why do you think this Presidential election across America is about feminism and having a woman in office? Your agenda is blinding you. When loading this web page it drips of angst and bitterness. Sad. Truly sad.

What are you going do when Hillary concedes and her and Bill travel the country pulling the democratic party together behind the democratic party nominee?

Continue blogging "WE WUZ ROBBED!?"

cali said...

We agree on one thing: there has definitely been and continues to be a cult-like element in this election cycle. It will be interesting if the weakest candidate, Obama succeeds in getting the nomination.

If you don't like my opinions, please feel free to go to pro-Obama blogs where you can get your fix of puppies, rainbows and hope.

BTW - "alot" is not a word.