Wednesday, April 30, 2008


"Many commentators, and Obama’s own staff, seem to think the whole Wright association is a non-issue if Obama claims he does not agree and denounces Wright’s views, but I dissent: it is precisely because he does not agree that Obama’s two-decade participation in Rev. Wright’s church makes me question his character. I do not for one second believe the blatant fib that Obama was unaware of Wright’s beliefs or that he really considered Wright’s statements out-of-context. To Wright’s credit this week, he has been consistent: he has not hidden his positions or tried to nuance them, and I suspect they’ve been fairly consistent for the past two decades and then some. It’s obvious that Obama must have sat through some prime Wright rants, and whether he was smiling and applauding or maintaining a stoic silence we will never know, but it is irrelevant; he stayed because it was to his benefit, it fed his local base of power. Rev. Wright no longer feeds his power, and knows it; but Rev. Wright’s worldview is not subservient to the political ambitions of Barack Obama."

~ Pan Metron, The Democratic Daily

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