Saturday, October 6, 2007

Women who blog about politics

Catherine Morgan of Informed Voters has assembled an amazing list of more than 100 women who blog about politics. Check out her entire list here.

A randomly selected preview:

Women In Media and News — Women In Media & News, a media analysis, education and advocacy group, works to increase women’s presence and power in the public debate.

Katharine Seelye — From the New York Times

Taylor Marsh - Democrat Taylor Marsh blogs politics, Iraq, culture, and illegal aliens. A progressive blog that`s frank, smart, provocative and doesn`t take the party line.

Preemptive Karma — An unfiltered view of politics and current events of the day. It`s our job to slaughter the sacred cows of the world…and serve them on toast.

In The Pink Texas — Humorous Texas and national political blog targets a readership of influential legislators, lobbyists and media. Has received over 700,000 hits since it launched last year.

Smashed Frogs — A political viewpoint discussing the absurdities of American government.

Marilyn’s Non-Violent Newspage — Every single moment of every single day there are beautiful and ugly happenings taking place within our world. My goal with this page is to cause you, the reader, to be moved enough to want to be part of the beautiful.

Rambling of a Mad Woman — I`m not really mad. I just get a little annoyed sometimes.


ollie said...

I like Tennessee Guerilla women (they have lots of anti-Fred Thompson stuff.

Oh yes, you left off Ann Coulter...


cali dem said...

Ah, yes, the Tennessee Guerrilla Women - great blog!

Now, that she-devil AC is another matter.

Tenneessee Guerrilla Women

ollie said...

Quit insulting the Devil! :-)

Eileen Smith said...

Thanks for the plug!

Pink Lady

cali said...

Pink Lady,

You're welcome! What is it about Texas women (Molly Ivins, Ann Richards, Pink Lady...)?! Your blog is terrific -- very funny.

~ cali