Saturday, June 9, 2007

Got blues?

Guitar at Guero's in Austin

Going to an all day blues show today. Albert Cummings, Sista Monica Parker, Coco Montoya, Mick Martin & the Blue Rockers and The Fabulous Thunderbirds!


ollie said...

Ah, good old Austin; I call it "home". I went to UT for my graduate degree.

cali said...

Ollie: Bet those were fun times! Do you visit Austin often? Can't believe how much its growing. Someone has dubbed it the year of the cranes because of all the high rise buildings currently under construction. I don't know if I'll ever get the hang of the freeway system...Fun place though -- lots to do.

cali dem said...

Funny thing, I quickly titled this post "Got blues" but yesterday at the event, I watched two guys pass each other with T-shirts that read: "Got bail?" and Got tequila?"

ollie said...

My mom, sister and daughter live there, so I visit 3-4 times a year, at least.

I usually take in a swim at Barton Springs and a run or walk around Town Lake.

cali said...

I've only been to Austin three times now but still have the feeling that there's a lot left to be explored. I hope to attend SXSW next year.

We saw a lot of people out running at Town Lake. Next time, if it's possible weather-wise, we're going kayaking or something.