Sunday, June 3, 2007

Fred Thompson's Bogus Red Truck & Our Bogus News Media

We now have an iconic symbol for everything that is wrong with political reporting from mainstream corporate media sources: Fred Thompson's red Chevy truck.

So when longtime lobbyist and Hollywood actor Fred Thompson -- a man who once rented a red pickup truck in order to campaign in Tennessee as a man of the people -- indicated this week that he would seek the Republican presidential nomination, we knew how the media would describe him: Authentic. Folksy. (read more)
Here's a prime example of the troubling vapid 'reporting' that passes for political journalism (Newsweek) "The Sign of the Red Truck."

The way things are going, Fred Thompson, the Rorschach candidate is certain to be declared the victor in the second GOP debate on Tuesday. He won't be there but his truck will.

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