Thursday, June 21, 2007

Calling BS on the AP's Fred Thompson story

An uncredited AP story about Fred Thompson's appearance on Leno is what some would term "a big wet kiss" for Thompson's campaign as it wraps a bunch of nothing around the campaign's main talking point: Thompson is a Washington outsider. Think this was forwarded with any subtly? See for yourself:
If he runs, it will be as a Washington outsider.

If Thompson runs it will be as the biggest phony and sham candidate our nation has ever experienced (and that's saying something). Thompson is the consummate Washington insider. He was in the Senate for eight years and prior to that, Fred Thompson was a Washington lobbyist for 18 years!

Here's a bonus quote from Thompson in this ridiculous story with a small edit -- see if you can find it:
"I'm at a stage of my life now when I think about my country, I think about the kind of country my wife and kids are going to grow up in," he said.

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