Sunday, May 13, 2007


"We don't see poor people on television or in the advertising that surrounds us like a second atmosphere. We don't pay much attention to the millions of men and women who are changing bedpans, or flipping burgers for the minimum wage, or vacuuming the halls of office buildings at all hours of the night. But they're there, working hard and getting very little in return."

- Bob Herbert, The Millions Left Out

“The real story is not the number but the people behind the number. The men, women and children living in poverty — one in eight of us — do not have enough money for the food, shelter, and clothing they need. One in eight. That is not a problem. That is not a challenge. That is a plague.”

- John Edwards, Presidential Candidate


ollie said...

Where are your priorities? What matters is how much a candidate pays for a haircut. :)

cali said...

Well, Ollie, aside from the infamous haircut escapade, how do you like the new digs here at nite swimming?

Donnie McDaniel said...

It looks different here Cali. So how have you been?

cali dem said...

hiya Donnie! Do you like the changes? I've been doing pretty well -- keeping busy. How about you? Your blog has really grown. You've built a community, wow!

ollie said...

The changes are good, but it took me a while to notice them as I mostly read your blog from the google blog reader.

cali dem said...

Thanks. I was debating pulling the plug on good ol' nite swimming & decided to give it a little make over instead.

How're things with you? Is school over?