Friday, January 26, 2007

"You can't ignore politics, no matter how much you'd like to."

Molly Ivins said that. I've just learned she's in the hospital because she's very ill due to complications from breast cancer. This is sad news. While we keep Molly in our thoughts and hearts, I invite you to share your favorite quote or column in the comments.

Losing a part of a breast or all of one or both has, obviously, serious psychological consequences. Your self-image, your sense of yourself as a woman, your sense of your sexual attractiveness are going to be rocked whether or not you have enough sense to realize that tits aren't that important. I am one of those people who are out of touch with their emotions. I tend to treat my emotions like unpleasant relatives--a long-distance call once or twice or year is more than enough. If I got in touch with them, they might come to stay. My friend Mercedes Pena made me get in touch with my emotions just before I had a breast cut off. Just as I suspected, they were awful. "How do you Latinas do this--all the time in touch with your emotions?" I asked her. "That's why we take siestas," she replied.

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