Sunday, December 10, 2006

"...time wounds all heels..."

Guest blogger: Susan

Thanks for the notification, went to see it [The U.S. vs. John Lennon] Tuesday night. Every American Citizen should both see this movie, and reflect on the shame we as a nation felt for having elected Nixon, for not one, but a second term. The same as Bush. Gore Vidal, a Republican, couldn’t have made a better point. If it is released as a DVD eventually, I will buy enough to pass on for posterity. We should never be duped again.

If W held out an olive branch to me, I would feel the need to overcome my pacifist ways for a moment, and soundly thrash Bush with it for each life spent needlessly in his war, one I am convinced he had a hand in inciting. It would take more than an olive orchard to undo the damage Bush and his machine has done to our America , and the damage to our offer of goodwill throughout every nation.

John Lennon’s comment, regarding how time wounds all heels is the inspiration I needed to keep going.

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