Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Keep Doolittle away from Tahoe

One of the reasons I live here in the Sierra foothills is proximity to Lake Tahoe for kayaking, hiking, biking and skiing. The Sac Bee published an article by David Whitney recently in which he highlighted how my current Congressman John Doolittle operates both within his district, specifically Placer County and in DC. In a nutshell, Doolittle has done what he can to halt a deal that would have preserved forest around the Homewood Ski Resort (small ski area but a favorite) by selling it to the U.S. Forest Service. Essentially, the deal would have kept this incredibly beautiful land out of the hands of private developers.

This latest escapade by Doolittle is one more reminder (as if one were needed) that it is time to end his stint mascarading as an elected representative. We need someone who values both constituents and the amazing environment of northeastern California.

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