Sunday, March 12, 2006

Swimmy Award: Best Political Film

Best Political Film: Good Night, and Good Luck

Having seen only Wal-Mart and Good Night and Good Luck, I send an enthusiastic vote for the later.

...this film spoke clearly to the dangers of losing freedom of speech, association, etc- as well the dangers of fear mongering. It also pointed out the importance of having a "free" press and integrity and courage in journalism. All quite pertinent in today's political climate.

...documents how campaigns of fear, like we are currently enduring, have worked so well in the past... I will go with GN and GL, because the climate of fear is probably our biggest current problem, and if we can't get past that, the rest may not matter all that much.

So, I vote for Good Night and Good Luck, because it reminds us how much we have lost and that WE must be the media.

...the film showed the human, personal costs of right-wing extremism. It was humiliating and devastating for those targeted by McCarthy. Imagine how stressful it was to be called before a Senate committee to defend your patriotism? A painful part of America's recent history and one we need to remember.

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