Thursday, March 2, 2006

J-Doo's House of Scandal - Fan Mail (vol .4)

Can't post all the letters to the editor the Sacramento Bee printed and posted on its website that were submitted in response to the latest Doolittle interview. I'll just go with the first two - enjoy:

"Doolittle asks us to believe that he is the dull-witted piano player
in the brothel..."

Published Wednesday, March 1, 2006

'Earmark' for Sacramento?

Re "Doolittle: Scandal is troubling," Feb. 18: Geez, J-Doo "earmarked" a half-billion tax dollars for a "business" owned by Brent Wilkes. For the money, Wilkes supplied computer software bought on the open market to service Department of Defense contracts. So, J-Doo gets a half-billion dollars transferred from the public to his "friend." The "friend" then gives some money to his lobbyist "friend." Then the lobbyist transfers money to J-Doo's leadership PAC. Nice.

Say, why doesn't Sacramento just send J-Doo's favorite lobbyist "friend" a couple of million dollars and whatever it takes (a wink?) to get some tax money "earmarked" for the levees up north, Folsom Dam, new bridges, light rail, plus whatever else they can think of? We could get it done for pennies on the dollar, saving the city hundreds of millions of bucks. Maybe Julie-Doo could cater the next "Black Tie and Tennies" for a whole new arena. And he's still not sure if it's illegal. It's soooo funny. Should the rail be doug fir or valley oak?

- Max Dill, Sacramento

Doolittle, Abramoff and a dam

Another Bee exposé clearly illustrated smug and smarmy Rep. John Doolittle as our own poster boy for all that has gone terribly wrong with the Republican Party, specifically, and the American political system, generally.

In his Jack Abramoff scandal interview, Doolittle asks us to believe that he is the dull-witted piano player in the brothel, "shocked, shocked!" to find that his friends Tom DeLay and Abramoff are the worst sort of "pay-to-play" political pimps. We are asked to believe that they just forked over piles of cash to Doolittle because they liked his pious lifestyle.

Likewise, with the Auburn dam for Doolittle it is damn what the experts say! Damn what is safe, environmentally prudent and financially sound! Damn what voters in his district want! He only has the interests of his true constituency - big-money developers - at heart. Unfortunately for us all, he is not an aberration but another California contribution to this country's full-blown leadership crisis.

- Greg V. Hill, Sacramento

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