Monday, March 27, 2006

Doolittle's Impact on Local Politics - This Time It's Personal

As an undergrad at University of California, Santa Barbara, sometime during the pleistocene epoch, I heard the phrase "the personal is political" more times than you would think humanly possible. Anyway, the phrase has stuck with me because it's been proven true -- many times. The political is also personal.

A local columnist, someone who has encountered Boss Doolittle up close and personal has written a column outlining the impact of the ethically-challenged Doolittle on local politics here in northern California. Doolittle, the evil puppeteer, has been pulling strings in local elections from school board races and county supervisors to races for the CA State Legislature:
He still holds the single campaign record of giving $64,000 to one supervisorial candidate.


Having his protégés, Ted Gaines and Bruce Kranz, on the board of supervisors means money for open space gets directed somewhere else and development rights on farmland are handed out like candy on Halloween.
We have a chance to stop the next Doolittle by supporting Rob Haswell's candidacy against Ted Gaines.

To know where all this is going, all you have to do is follow the money. The big contributors locally are developers, who want to buy cheap ag land and have it rezoned for houses or condos. Doolittle joined forces with one of the largest developers in the Sacramento area years ago. Our congressman even attended a meeting with the planning department in an attempt to hasten the development of the Kalorama project in Applegate. Recently, the Doolittle acolytes on the board of supervisors pushed for the re-zoning for the same developer in West Placer. The developer now showers the Republican Central Committee and Doolittle candidates with campaign contributions.


Placer County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state, but I guess that's not fast enough for Doolittle. How much more air pollution will we suffer with all this proposed growth? Will I-80 be gridlocked through Roseville and up into Loomis as projections show? What does Doolittle care? He doesn't live here any more, but he needs campaign dollars to trounce his opponents.


Until the public understands the truth behind Placer County politics and ignores the glossy brochures and disingenuous political rhetoric, the politicians, who put their interests of reelection ahead of the desires of the people, will continue to sell the citizens out to those who put money in their campaign war chests.
It's apparent that the voters in northern CA cannot stop the spread of crony corruption by only getting rid of Doolittle -- we also need to elect Rob Haswell over Doolittle toady, Ted Gaines to finally put an end to the Doolittle corruption machine.

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