Monday, February 20, 2006

What's Needed in Congress is "Friendship Reform"

In today's piece for the Sac Bee, David Whitney takes a close look at one of Doolittle's main fundraising events in Vegas and illustrates the interconnectedness of the Republican House Corruption/Lobbying Scandal. It may not be irony but it's a bit curious that Doolittle, an avowed non-drinker/smoker, non-gambler and non-golfer would twice host a 3-day fundraiser at a casino in Las Vegas featuring a golf tourney. Also worth noting are the attendees -- a Who's Who of playas in all three scandals/corruption investigations (DeLay, Duke Cunningham & Abramobb).

Paul Kiel at TPM's Daily Muck asks the question: Now that 'lobbying' has become a bad word, what will be the new PR term to replace it? He suspects 'friendship.' Yep, as in "What Congress really needs is Friendship Reform."

Update: Check out "He's a friend of ours." at Republicans...or the Mafia?

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