Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Soul Mates

Poll Results

Q. Do you believe you have a 'soul mate?'

no 2 (12%)

yes 7 (43%)

unsure 7 (43%)

soul mate
One of two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity. Someone for whom you have a deep affinity.
Why this question? Why now? It stems from a post over at Viscount LaCarte in which he mentioned having found his soul mate and marrying her. I was reminded of a conservation about soul mates. We had friends over for dinner and this topic came up. I can't remember how or who brought it up but it stands out to me as the most awkward discussion I've ever endured in my home. It seems this concept of "soul mate" was a toxic one for our friends who were/are a married couple. They both believed in soul mates but one (the husband) had foolishly at some point in their lives, let his wife know that he didn't consider her to be his soul mate.

Do we only have one soul mate? Is it the person we should marry? Are we each guaranteed a soul mate? Is it easy or hard to locate your soul mate? Is it possible to never find our soul mate? If so, why does this happen? Can one's soul mate be a cat or a dog? Is it "soul mate" or "soulmate?"

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