Friday, February 3, 2006

Rule No. 1 for Cocky Politicians

Sac Bee columnist and associate editor Stuart Leavenworth takes a look at Doolittle's reaction to scrutiny over his links to Abramobb and Duke Cunningham's sugar daddies:

Rule No. 1 for cocky politicians: Don't invite anyone to investigate you. The congressman has long claimed he is a foe of gambling, Indian or otherwise, yet the Associated Press report suggests he modified that principle on behalf of some of Abramoff's clients.


Doolittle went on a radio talk show last week and claimed he had invited federal authorities to send some sleuths after him.

"I said, 'Hey, if you're concerned about me, investigate me, because I'd like to get my name cleared'," Doolittle said in his KFBK interview.

Congressman Doolittle, are you sure you really want that?


Even so, many of the congressman's constituents may now be curious how his actions in Washington jibe with his stated positions. Why is this anti-gambling congressman so passionate about the economic fate of obscure Indian tribes in Iowa and Massachusetts? Why hasn't he joined other Republicans in calling for reforms of "earmarks," such as the money he helped shunt to PerfectWave?

Don't expect any answers soon. Ever since the Duke and the Jailbird got into trouble, Doolittle has declined to respond to obvious questions from print reporters.


It's probably a smart strategy for Doolittle. In his conservative district, he can easily win sympathy votes by accusing the liberal media of a witch hunt. In fact, if I were Blackann, I would start using the phrase "East Coast liberal media" in my stock statements, since those lily-livered Easterners seem to be inflicting serious damage on her boss.

Apparently 'baby blue' a commenter to this post Doolittle Waves Red Flag: 'Investigate Me' wasn't alone in thinking about Gary Hart.

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