Monday, February 6, 2006

John Doolittle: Caught in Another Lie

More on Doolittle's shady, bogus explanation about his shenanigans with Cunningham's favorite defense contractor Brent Wilkes: Talking Points Memo.

[T]he only evidence Doolittle's office could provide to show military support for the project was a letter of praise from Robert Lusardi, a program manager for light armored vehicles at the Marine Corps dated Feb. 25 – two and a half years after PerfectWave got its first earmark. By the time Lusardi wrote his letter, the company had received at least $37 million in earmarks. [San Diego Union Tribune, 2/5/06]

So this "written support of the military" upon which Doolittle based his decision came almost three years too late. And it came from a "program manager for light armored vehicles" – relatively meaningless since the earmark for 2005 specified that the system was for "flight deck operations."

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