Friday, February 10, 2006

Doolittle Enjoys Abramoff-Sponsored Trip to the Marshall Islands

And so it goes, to quote Paul Kiel, "another day, another Doolittle revelation." While dredging through the Abramoff muck, Doolittle pops up yet again. This time he's part of an entourage led by Republican Congressman Donald "Bridge to Nowhere" Young that visited the The Republic of Marshall Islands in 1999 courtesy of you-know-who.
While over in the beautiful islands, Young's delegation visited the Kwajalein Atoll missile test site and attended a meeting of the parliament, during which a resolution was introduced to rename the test site after Ronald Reagan. According to the former RMI official, Young addressed the assembly in Bermuda shorts.
Trying hard not to picture Doolittle dressed in tropical leisure wear. The connections to Abramobb are certainly stacking up. Makes one wonder if his recent trip to Iraq was part of a ploy to say "Look, Doolittle is just one traveling Congressman. He's a rabid seeker of facts who doesn't have time to pay attention to who's paying for his travels."

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