Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Don't Worry, They're On It: American Media

I admired this editorial cartoon from Joel Pett a couple days ago and although it hardly needs a narrative, Lance Manion has written a dead on complementary piece. Here's an excerpt:
"And that, even as we neglected our duty to our readers and viewers to tell them the truth, we begged for the favors and attentions of the psychopaths and sociopaths and even put ourselves on their payrolls, then we attacked, ridiculed, ignored, and otherwise dismissed any one and every one who tried to tell us what the sociopaths and psychopaths were up to, and to top it all off when it finally began to be impossible to ignore the damage the psychopaths and sociopaths were doing to the country we were unconsionably slow to correct our errors and mend our ways and we refused to admit our mistakes or our complicity but instead set out to blame all the people who were right about the sociopaths and psychopaths---we blamed the Democrats for not being tough enough, we blamed the bloggers for being irresponsible and paranoid, and we blamed all of the critics for being consumed with an irrational hatred of George W. Bush."

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